Friday, January 13, 2017

The True Form of Life

Romance is a heavenly plaything.
Governing is a game of war.
Status and power are the core tenants of social darwinism in the modern age.

My one main disagreement with orthodox Marxism, and one thing I greatly admire about the Soviet Union, is the inclusion of the intelligensia. The intelligensia is not higher than the workers, yet it is somehow separate: the workers focus on their work, living life, in that reality. The scientists, mathematicians, polymaths, etc., focus on larger problems and questions, investigating the true meanings of life and existence. Both focus on a separate realm of reality. Whereas the workers are more in touch with the natural form of humans, the intelligensia embody an understanding of the natural form. Together, they push the whole of society onto an aim for greater similarity with pure nature, the greatest state of being in existence, the purity of infinite fitness and impartial indifference.

This separation from the harshness of nature in order to better understand the harshness of nature is in no way a faith of similarity to the Abrahamic religions of weakness, just as the strengthening of the state in order to establish a global nation which can then dissolve its state in order to become more fluid is different to any number of nations which increase their federal powers gradually to in turn eventually form a singular global union.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

365 Days of Blogging - Day 1: Christianity

Christianity is a plague to all people. It is a plague not because it makes people bigoted or mean-spirited, but because at its root it is a distraction. Distractions, or subconscious noise, change what is and what is perceived. For this reason and this reason alone, Christianity is not a blessing but a curse. Taking its members away from the truth, it often causes them to feel pain when faced with actual occurrences. While it is understandable that people would want to avoid pain and make up answers to problems they cannot understand, in the long run it only serves to make life that much more boring in the modern day.